Sunday, September 30, 2012

Greater love hath no husband than the 1 that buys Chocolate! (Chocoholic update)

Just have to add that my sweet husband read what I wrote the other day about craving chocolate /sweets in general and bought me a tiny tub of B&J chocolate ice cream with brownies in it! I have a fix for next time a craving strikes! Chocoholics rejoice!
After he read it, we had a great talk about my craving for sugar in general and afterwards I felt much better. He very gently reminded me how much junk (HFCS et al.) I have consumed on a regular basis in my life until recently, and he seemed to think the craving was natural and perfectly normal for me. He also thought it would take awhile for my mind/body to re-translate what "sweet" is now compared to what it used to be for me.
This made so much sense to me and explains why I sometimes felt like a crazy person. I would want something sweet and, trying to be good, eat an apple. It was like my stomach was saying, "Thanks for the apples, now give us something sweet." So I would repeat with raisins or cherries or grapes until finally I would give in and eat something chocolate or super sweet or a really rich dessert.
I've been working on the sweets in general and doing better, but had not anticipated the challenge it would bring. I've more than tripled the amount of fresh fruit I eat so there's definite progress. It's just going to take time to re-train my brain to know what "sweet" is now. And until then, I have some yummy ice cream in the freezer!

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