Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well, today was a very busy day. We went to the farm and loaded up on treats and treasures which we promptly brought home and converted into all types of goodies.

Today we made:
*corn chowder (pioneer woman recipe) - It made 2 meals set aside plus a whole muffin tray frozen for later! All I needed to make a double batch, was more peppers. I'll be on the lookout for them, so I can fix up more of it soon. This soup is so good and very filling.
*1 watermelon  became 1 quart water melon ice, 1 quart watermelon ice cream, a quart bag frozen in chunks (E thinks they're popsicles and we're not telling her otherwise!), and a quart in the fridge for snacking all week. Delicious!
*blueberry jam - I made a pint and 2oz. of blueberry jam from local berries. I used the recipe from the Ball Blue book. I am super proud of myself for this. The berries were marked down b/c they were "prime" and very ripe. I was afraid I would buy them with the best intentions to make jelly and then not do it before they went bad, but I didn't! I made a delicious jam today and the smell of it was so divine that I will definitely do it again soon. I'm debating picking up more berries tomorrow while they're still around. 
*1 really large cantaloupe became a half gallon of cantaloupe sorbet, 1 pint pureed for a bread I'm hoping to make this week, 1 quart bag frozen in chunks for "popsicles"
3 pizzas with eggplants, peppers & onions, and mozzarella (that we successfully made yesterday) - 1 eaten and 2 frozen for later

B cut the corn off 5 ears of corn and popped in the freezer and I moved all of our fruit granitas (3) from pyrex to jars so the freezer is infinitely better. Yesterday I went through all the produce and threw out the little bit that was past prime and cleaned the drawers really well. After our hard work yesterday and today, our fridge is sparkling and our freezer is wondering how much more it can take. We have a deep freeze as well that we're hoping to fill to bursting as well.

It was a long day in the kitchen but I am so excited about all the tasty and nutritious meals and whole foods we have stored away. I need to work on more canning, but at least I got the jam made. It's a good start and I'll keep working away at it. We're tired, but it's the best kind of tired.

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