Monday, July 9, 2012

I Just had to Laugh

No disrespect intended, we all have to do what we can to earn a living in trying times, but I recently had an interesting conversation with a meat seller.
I just happened to be out in my yard when this man comes driving down my street in a little truck with "Steaks" written all over it and a little freezer in the back. Clearly he was selling meat directly from his truck. Here's our conversation:
You eat steak? No.
Chicken? No.
Seafood? No.
What the hell do you eat?
Well, that's kind of a long story actually.
At which point he waved his hand at me in exasperation and told me not to forget the price of his cheap meat. I actually forgot the price before I got inside to tell B about it. I remember something about fifty cents, which was really all I needed to hear to know that that meat was not the meat for me. Given what I now know about meat, there's not a chance that he was peddling grass-fed or grass-finished cattle for the price I was quoted. (I'm hoping that's why I forgot the price and not because I'm getting old!)
To be fair, we used to eat all of those things without question - though the back of a stranger's truck option was definitely a first.  I tried really hard to make something positive come from the idea of a man selling meat from his truck, because the thought of it was actually a bit depressing. The best I could do was pretend that he feels so strongly that people shouldn't be eating in their cars all the time that he makes a living delivering meat to them at their houses. Probably not the case.
After he left, I began to dream of a different time/place where the man selling steaks door to door is selling the kind of meat we would be honored to eat - and everyone is lined up to get it, just like he's the ice cream man. (Wonder what his theme song would be?)  If that happens, he wouldn't be a stranger, he'd be a friend.

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