Friday, January 18, 2013

We're still going strong!

Just realized we hadn't posted in awhile.

We haven't wasted away - far from it!

Christmas was here with my family and it was great! We had ham with green been casserole, steamed corn, sweet potato casserole, and cornbread. We had some other sides as well and all were full.
We also had a great breakfast one morning of egg casserole and pancakes. It was amazing to feed our family so cheaply b/c so much of it came from the freezer (all but the ham) instead of the store.
We did forget to make a dessert though! New baby in the family = the only possible way this chocaholic forgets dessert (and no it's not mine - I'm an aunt again!) After dinner and gift exchange we 1/2 of us went to the little yogurt place down the street and brought back individually topped yogurts for all.
It was a blessing to feed others and to be nourished in the process.

*Disclaimer: yes, we did eat chain restaurant BBQ and Pizza while they were here. No, it wasn't all homemade meals, but nobody cares. Besides, I had too much baby rocking/snuggling/admiring to do to be cooking the whole time!